Patient upset he is not allowed to bring Trump cutout to his dialysis treatment

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 5:13 PM CST
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Nelson Gibson has an unusual support system while spending time at a Florida Dialysis Center getting hours of treatment, he says, for his kidney failure.

Gibson says, "It's made out of cardboard" and "giving two thumbs up, with a big smile."

It’s President Trump and it’s slightly larger than Gibson. He can take him anywhere he wants except for the hours he spends at a dialysis center in Port Saint Lucie.

His son Eric Gibson gave him the cutout to, "Give him some things that can kind of distract his mind to remind him of a sense of home."

On Saturday Gibson brought it in for the first time and says it was a hit…but on Tuesday the cut-out of Mr. Trump was turned away.

Nelson says, “I just feel that he's beginning to do so much for kidneys and dialysis, I just feel people are very ungrateful."

Last year President Trump signed an executive order to encourage in home dialysis.

When Gibson was asked if he and his family considered having the treatment done in their own home where he could be surrounded by anything he wants but they say they've thought about it but it's not that simple."

Gibson says, "He feels that he wants the sanctity and knowledge of a true medical professional to actually do it, rather than having myself or another relative oversee his health."

The Center says patients are allowed to bring in reasonably sized items that do not create safety or infection control issues or interfere with caregivers on the treatment floor.

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