Dallas salon owner shows support for jailed Laredo hair stylists

Dallas Salon owner Shelly Luther hugged a Laredo hair stylist jailed for allegedly running her...
Dallas Salon owner Shelly Luther hugged a Laredo hair stylist jailed for allegedly running her salon from home. (Image: KGNS TV)(KWTX)
Published: May. 13, 2020 at 11:11 PM CDT
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Dallas salon owner Shelly Luther joined a "freedom rally" in Laredo on Wednesday, showing her support for two hair stylists jailed for allegedly running their operation at home.

The rally in the south Texas city was organized by business and community leaders urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to reopen all businesses across the state.

They met outside the steps of Laredo City Hall to express their frustration over the local curfew and the governor's order that only allows selected businesses to reopen.

"We are not in this together when our politicians are still getting paid," said Hugo Llanas. "When only certain are getting to open and not everyone is being treated equal."

The group of protesters wore t-shirts and held signs all demanding for Texas to reopen.

Among those present were several local tattoo shop owners, an industry that remains closed.

"Not much will change except the number of those coming into the shop and wearing masks," said Hector Hernandez, tattoo shop owner.

"Everything is sanitized and clean as it could be."

Other business owners believe Laredo's local government is oppressing with its curfew.

"The City of Laredo has overreacted, they are overreaching with the their authority and we believe they should remove the curfew immediately," said Luis de la Garza.

Laredo's Freedom Rally even drew in protestors from across the state.

Col. Allen West, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Florida who now lives in Texas, came to show his support .

"The decrees that are being put on the people really work against their best interest and their constitutional liberty, that is why I am here."

Also present, Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther, who gained national attention after she was cited by Dallas city officials and sentenced to a week in county jail after refusing to close her business.

Laredo women Brenda Stephanie Mata and Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia were arrested back in April as part of an undercover operation after offering beauty services despite the local restrictions at the time.

The rally wrapped up with Luther presenting the two women with checks.

"What happened to these two ladies is disgusting, I am glad they are getting the help," said Luther.

Luther gave Brenda Mata $1,000 and Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia $1,500. Funds Luther says came from her own Go Fund Me account that has raised half a million dollars.