Dash cam captures local deputy comforting babies during father's arrest

(Screenshot of MCSO dash cam video)
(Screenshot of MCSO dash cam video)(KWTX)
Published: Jan. 25, 2019 at 11:57 PM CST
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It's a side of law enforcement most don't get to see.

Cameras captured a McLennan County deputy as he was comforting children caught in the middle of a drug arrest this week.

"It's part of our goal to protect our citizens, especially the innocent like this, and the deputy did a phenomenal job on keeping their attention on him instead of what was going on," said Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

The patrol deputy, Martin Arellano, is seen on dash cam video enthusiastically entertaining two babies in the backseat of their father's sedan following a traffic stop on I-35 in Bellmead Tuesday afternoon.

"Quack, quack! I'm looking for Mickey!" Arellando is overheard saying to the children in the footage as he brings Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals to life.

When they ‘get tired' of Donald and Minnie, the deputy heads for a Queen Elsa guitar he sees on the floor and, although he doesn't know how to play the instrument, starts to strum it and sing.

"Towards the end they were tired of my singing, the little girl in the seat asked me to stop!" Arellano laughed.

A father of two himself, as his partner finishes up the on-scene investigation, Arellano's role becomes one of parental empathy - keeping the nine-month-old boy and a two-year-old girl happy and distracted while chaos surrounds them.

"I hope they don't remember any of the negative stuff that happened during that stop," said Arellano.

Their father, Sterling Bourne, of Missouri, remained in the McLennan County Jail Friday in lieu of bonds totaling $24,000 for six charges which include endangering a child, felony possession of THC, possession of marijuana, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful carrying of a weapon, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and driving without a license and without insurance.

McNamara said Bourne picked the children up from their mother in San Antonio and was driving them to Missouri: their car-seat and booster-seat were among the items deputies allegedly found inside the vehicle alongside drugs, a stolen weapon, and ammo.

"It's a very bad, very dangerous situation for these young children," said McNamara.

Arellano kept the babies busy for 30-40 minutes until Waco PD Victim Services arrived.

The children can be heard laughing as he plays 'peek-a-boo,' makes silly noises, even sings his own songs to them.

Arellano says there's more than one side to police officers, including a softer-side; they're human, and they have a heart, he says.

"I always try to make people laugh, and at that point I realized they're kids, it doesn't matter if you're tough," said Arellano.

McNamara invited Arellano to his office Friday to thank him for showing the true heart of law enforcement.

"I'm not sure he will ever be a singer, but he was really cool,” McNamara laughed.

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