Disturbing anti-abortion flier hits McLennan Co. mailboxes

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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) A number of residents in Waco, Woodway, and the Hewitt areas reported receiving an anti-abortion flier in the mail that is being described as inappropriate and intrusive.

The flier is too graphic show even online.

It shows pictures of dead, dismembered, and even a bloody fetus.

It asked "Are you aware" and it created a conversation in Megan Ket's house that she was very disturbed by.

One of little boys, age 6, went out to check the mail Saturday and grabbed the flier.

Ket said he ran to her immediately saying he had seen something inappropriate.

"He keeps asking me about it every day and he keeps trying to find this flyer. I've had it hidden and so that's been a problem because he’s curious. He still wants to know. He wants to see it and read it.”

She said he asks what the title meant and what are they supposed to be aware of.

Extremely disturbing for Ket’s family because she said they have family members,personal circumstances, and friends who have lost children while they were still expecting.

The flyer attacks Planned Parenthood, mentioning black genocide, child predators, and sexual immortality.

It also listed the contact information of local organizations who provide alternatives to abortions, such as adoption.

CareNet and Generations Adoption Service were listed.

Ket mentioned political views are irrelevant, the manner in which the organization is spreading a message is inhumane.

She said by having her son check the mail, a simple task, she is teaching him responsibility.

But not getting the chance to shield her child from a topic that was too mature for his age is upsetting.

"I'm very upset. I'm disturbed. I feel like it was an inhumane thing to do. It goes against whatever point they tried to make with this flyer. It did the opposite almost. You could have been a lot more concise and delicate and still gotten your point across without having to show a picture of something that is appalling to me."

She added, that parents shield their children from inappropriate things on television, radios, and the internet.

She never would have guessed a trip to the mailbox would be disturbing.

The flier has the return address to the "Operation Save America’s" P.O. Box in Dallas, a seemingly religious group.

According to the organization’s website, it has a 254 area code.

News 10 reaching out to group but they did not returned our calls as of writing this article.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Waco said their organization is in the process of filing a complaint.

The executive director for CareNet-, one of the alternative solutions to abortions listed on the flyer said quote "We are aware of it. It is not ours. We did not pay for it. However, we support the prolife movement and don't endorse or discredit their (Operation Save America) methods,” and added that CareNet does not use this type of gruesome imagery in public messages.

United States Postal Service said it's unclear how many fliers were delivered in the area but it had received complaints from residents and is looking into the matter.

A source told News 10 that one postal worker had delivered 541 fliers in one area and that several other letter carriers also had fliers.

As for Ket, she said from now on she and her boys will check the mail as a family.