Central Texas woman in hospice care 'all smiles' after visit from former students

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BELLMEAD, Texas (KWTX) Nita Winget, a Bellmead woman who’s in home hospice after a long, hard fought battle with breast cancer, had her spirits lifted when two of her former students, both now standout college athletes, took time to visit her this week.

Nita Winget and Juicy Landrum. (Courtesy photo)

“It has lifted my wife up big time. She was all smiles,” her husband, David, said.

Lady Bears sophomore point guard Juicy Landrum and freshman Alabama tight end Kedrick James, both La Vega graduates, spent more than an hour with Nita, who was a teacher’s aide in the computer lab at La Vega Elementary when they were in elementary school.

“All she talks about is Juicy and every time Alabama plays all she wants to do is see Kedrick,” David said.

Nita has been battling breast cancer for seven years, enduring seven different chemotherapy protocols, but the cancer spread to other parts of the body and last Friday doctors sent the beloved former school employee home to hospice care, giving her just weeks to live.

“I have one ambition in life and that’s for my friends, family and those that I love to come see me. I want them to come see me,” she said.

Nita has kept up with both Landrum and James on television for the past year and David knew they were the perfect pair to life the spirits of his wife of 46 years.

With the help of friends and friends of friends, the two athletes were contacted and both agreed without hesitation to stop by.

“So a friend called Juicy and she said ‘sure I’ll come over right after practice today,’” David said.

Juicy dropped everything in the middle of a busy week of preparation for the NCAA tournament to lift Nita’s spirits.

It was a gesture that left Nita in tears.

A cellphone video captured the moment the Lady Bear walked in the living room.

“She has done such an awesome job,” Nita said.

“You stepped up with (Lady Bears guard) Kristy Wallace going down. It’s so good to see you. I’ve enjoyed watching you.”

The story was the same when James, a rising star at the University of Alabama, which won the national championship earlier this year, dropped by on Tuesday for a visit.

“When Kedrick came she got so excited,” David said.

“They talked and then he sat down beside her and talked and talked. She’s just been down and it just lit her up.”

David said doctors haven’t given them much hope that his wife will live to celebrate the couple’s 47th wedding anniversary in August, but Nita has overcome a lot before and he says no matter where the journey takes them they’re forever grateful for the former students who went out of their way to make his wife’s day.

“You see the news and La Vega gets a bad rap but there are super good kids that do a lot of good for people,” David said.