Waco: East riverwalk extension opens

WACO, Texas (KWTX) The City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department celebrated the completion of the east river-walk extension in downtown Waco Friday afternoon.

The new trail provides the final section of paved, lighted pathway for the 5.5-mile river-walk loop from Baylor to Cameron Park.

John Williams, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, says the addition will make it easier for residents to walk, run, and bike in the area without having to enter street traffic.

"They will be able to do that without having to get up on the street, and be on the roadway, and put themselves in harm's way," says Williams.

The total cost of the trail was approximately $5.4 million with half of the funds coming from Federal Transportation Enhancement Grants.

Partners included the City of Waco, Texas Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Halff Associates and Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc.

The project, which began in February of 2017, was completed more than 200 days ahead of schedule.

Mayor Kyle Deaver hopes word of the opening gets around quickly, and residents take advantage of the new route.

"I think once people know about it, they'll be out here all the time because the views are just spectacular!" he says.