Elm Mott: Bulding owner concerned about black fire hydrants

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ELM MOTT, (KWTX) A fire on April 10 still has a building owner questioning whether or not the fire hydrants in front of his property delayed the flames being put out.

"The fire department did show up and it took them a few minutes to get water out of the truck," says duplex owner Barry Poehls.

"All of this would’ve been preventable had we had enough water," he says as his duplex caught fire after wind blew the flames over from a nearby mobile home.

"Mobile home fire spread to my duplex displacing two families," and the cost he says is going to be quite a bit.

"It’s totaled, we are going to attempt to rebuild it but the cost is just ridiculously high," a cost he says could've been prevented with better fire hydrants.

According to McLennan County Water Control and Improvement District 2, which oversees the Elm Mott area, the fire hydrant worked as it should have and that there was nothing wrong with it.

Since the fire, all hydrants in the area are now being painted black with a white top.

When we asked the water department why they are painting the hydrants and flush valves black, they said it had nothing to do with the April 10 fire and was already being considered.

In an obtained copy of the meeting minutes from May 6, the water department voted to paint all fire hydrants, "black with a white top," so that the fire department knows which to use in an emergency.

The water department wouldn't give us a formal interview but did provide us with this information.

As for Poehls, he wants to see more done with the hydrants in the future.

"To see your property burning down because there is no water coming out of the hose, it’s very frustrating," he says.