Energy costs expected to rise

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WACO, Texas. (KWTX) Energy bills are expected to be 20 percent higher this year compared to last for Central Texans according to Energy Ogre, an energy consulting company.

Energy usage typically goes up in the summer but CEO Jesson Bradshaw said a few other factors are contributing to the rising costs.

Two major power plants recently retired, which means there’s less capacity to power the rising demand.

The market cap increased, which leaves customers more vulnerable to higher prices.

Bradshaw said the best thing homeowners should do, know your plan. Make sure you are in a fixed rate and not a month-to-month or one that varies.

“Generally speaking folks have a little bit more exposure if you are month to month type pricing,” Bradshaw said.
“There’s just a lot more risk.”

He does say there are ways you can keep your cost low without changing you’re lifestyle.

Turn down your water heater. Most people mix hot and cold water when they bathe so this change shouldn’t affect your hygiene.

He said pool owners can save a few bucks as well.

“A lot of times people will run their pool pumps for 8 hours a day,” Bradshaw said.

“It might make more sense for you to run that for a shorter period of time.

People might be surprised how much energy a pool pump uses. If you can reduce the number of hours that your pump runs. You will be better off.”

He also said turning up your air conditioning unit so it doesn’t run as long, using LED lights and using energy efficient appliances are good ways to keep your bill low.