Waco: Ex-BU student charged with sexual assault

Wilson Jose Huerte Melendez. (Jail photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A former Baylor University student has been charged in connection with the alleged rape of a woman four months ago when he was a student at the university.

Wilson Jose Huerte Melendez, who goes by Wilson Huerte, 19, is charged with sexual assault.

The incident, which, according to the Baylor University Department of Public Safety crime log, was reported on Jan. 25 happened on Nov. 10, 2018 at a residence at South 7th Street and Ivy Avenue, and was being handled by the Title IX Office.

According to the arrest affidavit, the alleged victim told police she was "extremely intoxicated and has an unclear memory of the events of that night and next morning," but remembers telling Huerte-Melendez she did not want to have sex.

The woman said she remembers "at times" having his penis in her mouth and feeling him "penetrate her anus with his penis," and at one time she did feel "a pressure she had not felt before" in her vagina, and had bloody discharge afterwards, the affidavit states.

In Huerte-Melendez' interview with police, he admitted to the officer he had anal and oral sex with the woman on the date but said it was consensual, the affidavit says.

Two witnesses in the case told police they were with the woman when she was in the company of Huerte-Melendez, and both said she was extremely intoxicated, one saying she was "on the edge of blacking out," the affidavit says.

In the complaint, the officer says, "Wilson Jose Huerte Melendez AKA Wilson Huerte did then and there intentionally or knowingly cause the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of (victim) by his male sexual organ and finger without the consent of (victim), knowing that (victim) had not consented and was unconscious or physically unable to resist and (victim) had not consented and he knew (victim) was unaware the sexual assault was occurring."

Records show the complaint was filed March 7, and Huerte-Melendez was arrested Monday and taken to the McLennan County Jail.

He was released after posting a $10,000 bond, jail records show.

University officials confirm Huerte-Melendez attended Baylor in the fall of 2018, however, they say he is not currently enrolled.