Explained: Proposition 5 on state parks and historical sites funding

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 8:15 AM CDT
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Proposition 5 calls for the use of revenue from state sales tax on sporting goods to support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission.

The goal is to protect state and local natural areas, water quality, and historical sites.

Local parks like Meridian State Park, Mother Neff State Park, Fort Parker State Park, and Lake Whitney State Park would benefit.

Proposition 5 would makes sure that all the money intended for Parks and Wildlife be used on Parks and Wildlife and for no other purpose, unless a 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate change that.

In the past, only a portion of the sporting goods sales tax revenue was used to support the parks.

Not all of it.

Supporters say, money intended to support this area has historically been diverted for other uses.

Opponents say, the amendment would limit the legislature's flexibility, if there are areas with more pressing needs.

So a vote yes, means money already intended to support state parks and historical sites is used only for this specific purpose.

A vote no, does not guarantee sporting goods sales tax is used as the voters directed.