Faith leaders hold community prayer event in Temple

Published: Dec. 22, 2019 at 7:53 PM CST
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It was a day of solidarity and prayer in Temple on Sunday as local pastors, and other community leaders gathered along with citizens to promote healing and togetherness following the shooting death of Michael Dean by Temple police officer Carmen DeCruz.

The shooting happened almost three weeks ago. Dean's funeral was held on Saturday.

“I just wanted to be a part of something that’s positive and impactful in healing our town and going forward for 2020,” said Dr. Sonjanette Crossley, founder of the Temple nonprofit Citizens for Progress Inc.

Prayers for the family of dean were spoken by all but leaders also mentioned prayers should be said for the temple police department as well.

“They're saying yes pray for the police department, pray that the right things come out,” said Bishop D.S. McBride of Grace Temple Ministries. “The bible says we're supposed to pray for those who are in authority. That is our job as believers. We’ll never not do that regardless of who is in office, but yes i pray for them. Yes, I pray for my police department. We want them to do the right thing. We want the city to do the right thing. We want to worship god in peace as believers and know that our community is safe.”

Temple Mayor Tim Davis and several other elected city officials were in attendance to hear the messages delivered by the pastors. Davis was encouraged by what he saw and heard, and he hopes the city can eventually begin to mend.

When all of this is over we are the Temple community,” said Mayor Davis. “And when the national press goes away and when ultimately this is resolved, we have to find a way to heal. And we have to all be willing to reach out to one another and accept that healing process.”