Girl who summoned help after deadly Central Texas crash ‘is a godsend’

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VALLEY MILLS, Texas (KWTX) A Central Texas girl who summoned help after the SUV in which she, a friend and her friend’s mother and grandmother were riding was involved in a deadly crash on State Highway 6 south of Valley Mills “is a godsend,” the accident survivors say.

(Left to right) Cassyn Aguirre, Jennifer Teichelmann and Peyton Teichelmann. (Photo by Drake Lawson)

Jennifer Teichelmann was driving the Toyota SUV in which Cassyn Aguirre was riding with her friend Peyton Teichelmann and Peyton’s grandmother at around 9:40 a.m. on June 16 when a southbound Infiniti SUV crossed into the northbound lane, sideswiped the vehicle in front of them and then collided with their car.

"I saw debris coming, so I veered off onto the side of the road because I thought I was going to miss them," Teichelmann said.

She didn’t.

"We were in the ditch and I was just lying there I didn’t know anything that was going on," Peyton Teichelmann said.

She suffered a lacerated spleen, fractured ribs and a fractured spine.

Her mother had a broken femur and a broken hip and suffered a concussion, and her grandmother, in the front passenger seat, suffered fractured ribs and bruising.

But Aguirre, though bruised, wasn’t seriously hurt.

"I unbuckled my seat belt, opened the door and started yelling for help," she said.

Aguirre who found someone to call her parents and then tried to help the other three passengers out of the wreckage.

“What my parents taught me is if you aren’t bleeding to death, you are not dying," she said.

Paramedics arrived at the scene a short time later.

The Teichelmanns were taken to hospitals, along with the occupants of the other vehicle that the SUV struck.

The driver of the Infiniti SUV, Larry Eaton, 73, of Missouri City, died at the scene.

Jennifer Teichelmann was released from the hospital Sunday night.

"I am feeling a lot better like I can get around," she said.

"We were very, very lucky," she said.

“We are a lot better than we were a week ago," she says.

"Cassyn is a godsend, we love her."