Hillsboro: Family raises awareness about smoke detectors after deadly fire

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HILLSBORO, Texas (KWTX) A family is urging everyone to check their smoke detector batteries after a beloved mother Flossie Williams died in a house fire.

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77-year-old Williams was home with her husband and son when the fire was reported just before 1:30 a.m. February 17th at 425 Park Dr. in Hillsboro.

Officials say the fire was started by a space heater located in Williams' bedroom.

"I literally hit the floor and just got down on my knees in total disbelief it could happen," says Williams' son Lewis Spencer who received a call from a neighbor telling him about the fire.

Spencer says that his brother and stepfather were barely able to make it out but unable to get to his mother.

His stepfather slept in a different room, and because of the large amount of smoke couldn't make his way to Williams.

"Words can't describe how much we will miss her," says Spencer.

He believes that they might've been able to get to her, had the batteries in their smoke detectors been working properly but it appears that they had died.

"Always check your smoke detectors and batteries because it could be the difference for someone being here today or not," says Spencer.

Spencer says the family didn't have insurance on the house and lost several cars in the fire.

If you would like to help the family a GoFundMe page has been setup and can be found in the attached links and on our FIND IT page.

The family says Flossie Williams funeral services are set for Saturday Februrary 29th, at 2 p.m. at the Marshall and Marshall funeral home in Hillsboro.