Judge unseals evidence, documents in Baylor Jane Doe cases

(Photo by KWTX)
(Photo by KWTX)(KWTX)
Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 11:14 PM CDT
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The federal judge hearing the Jane Doe sexual assault lawsuits against Baylor University on Wednesday reversed course and issued an order unsealing testimony and evidence that could have a big impact on the cases.

United States District Judge Robert Pittman issued an order that unseals, among other things, the sworn deposition of fired Senior Associate Athletic Director Tom Hill.

It was his deposition that first exposed the alleged racist and misogynistic comments made by former Chairman of the Baylor Board of Regents, Richard Willis.

Attorney Jim Dunnam represents the Jane Doe plaintiffs.

He says the judge has also ordered Baylor to release volumes of records the university has sought to keep confidential like the settlement agreement with former head coach Art Briles who was also fired in the wake of the scandal.

"The extreme efforts that they have spent to conceal the truth should tell everyone that the truth is something that is egregious. We've seen pieces of it."Dunnam said.

Judge Pitman ordered that all orders, motions, filings and evidentiary material related to the deposition of Tom Hill and the affidavit of Greg Klepper are unsealed and no longer under protective order.

Klepper is the Waco businessman who told Hill about the concerning behavior and comments he allegedly witnessed by former Board of Regents Chair Willis and another regent during a business trip to Mexico.

Dunnam says it's important to get a clear picture of everything that went on among Baylor's leadership that lead to the alleged assaults on his clients.

"It's sort of like a picture that part of it is obscured by smoke or clouds, and every time that we are able to get access to the truth of what really happened the truth clears up even more and more."

Dunnam said.

Baylor released a statement Wednesday saying, "As requested by all parties, the Court in one order today unsealed all documents related to the Gregg Klepper declaration and the Tom Hill deposition. In the other order, except for materials related to the NCAA, Big 12 and Texas Rangers, the Court declined to enter an order protecting other types of information from discovery. Nothing was released or required to be produced by the second order. Baylor certainly respects and will continue to abide by the decisions made by the Court."

In a related issue, Greg Klepper says his attorneys will turn over all the information that Baylor requested in a subpoena on Thursday.