Clifton: Flu outbreak shuts down historic movie theater

(Photos by Rissa Shaw)
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CLIFTON, Texas (KWTX) Just say 'cut!'

The curtain has been drawn, temporarily, at a historic Central Texas movie theater because of illness.

CLIFTEX Theatre officials announced Thursday, the venue would be closed for business through the weekend due to "the rampant outbreak of Flu, other sicknesses around town, and the fact 90% of our employees are out sick."

The theater is scheduled to be back open for business Monday, Feb. 10.

Several area school districts have cancelled classes over the past several days for similar reasons.

"Sorry for any inconvenience," theater officials said. "Stay well Clifton!"

The CLIFTEX Theatre is Texas' oldest, continuously operating movie theater and has been showing movies in Clifton since 1916, according to it's website.