Central Texas pantries struggling to feed families

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HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) In the wake of the Coronavirus, grocery stores in Central Texas are having shortages, leaving many to flee to local food pantries.

(Over 240 families were fed by the Refuge Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday morning. But it still wasn't enough.)

With shortages across the area, food banks and mobile pantries are starting to feel the pinch.

At the Refuge Mobile Pantry Food Bank on Saturday morning, volunteers saw a sharp increase in need. Some people are looking for help after losing their jobs and income.

"We normally serve about 175 families when we are distributing," said Director Joseph Solomon.

"Today, we fed over 240 families."

Solomon says the worst part wasn't the work, but turning people away after running out of food.

"It was very sad," he said.

"It made me cry because we literally ran out of food. We carry over 20,000 pounds of food all the time and to give out that amount of food and it's still not enough... it feels like we'll never have enough."

Churches and other faith-based organizations help with volunteers and donations.

Solomon says the help isn't always guaranteed and there's more the community can do to help.

"Share your goods. We're not hoarding a lot of supplies. Think about your neighbor. Think about people that do not have what you have."