Former Packers QB Brett Favre wants grandsons to play 'safer' sports

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(KWTX) Legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre wants to send a message to his grandchildren: he'd rather them not play football.

CBS Sports' Will Brinson reports that sports documentary "Shocked", which premiered online Thursday, presented an interview with the former Packers quarterback which indicates that learning more about concussions has affected his view of the game.

In another interview on the CBS Sports Pick Six Podcast, Favre said of his three grandsons he is "not going to encourage them to play" football and prefers them to try something "safer" like golf.

"Every tackle I would be cringing, hoping they get up and not shaking their head and saying they got a headache. But the likelihood of that happening by them playing football is very high. So I'd much rather them choose a safer route," said Favre.

Infamously, Favre's career ended in 2013 after being hit by Corey Wooten of the Chicago Bears, noting he was knocked out for several seconds.

"Shocked" premiered Thursday on