Fort Hood: Post not affected by diversion of funds to border wall

Funds will be diverted from only two military construction projects in Texas, neither of them at Fort Hood. (File)
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WASHINGTON (KWTX) Fort Hood isn’t affected by the diversion of $3.6 billion from a total of 127 military construction projects to build part of the president’s border wall.

A list of the affected projects the Pentagon released Wednesday evening shows that funds will be diverted from only two projects in Texas, defense access roads at Fort Bliss in El Paso and the Camp Bullis Dining Facility at Joint Base San Antonio.

The $3.6 billion will fund “construction or augmentation of barriers along 175 miles of the southern U.S. border,” the Defense Department said in a press release earlier Wednesday.

“Family housing, barracks or dormitory projects were not considered for deferment, nor were projects that had already been awarded or those that were expected to be awarded during fiscal year 2019,” the Pentagon said.

“After having many discussions with the Administration, and speaking with Deputy Secretary Norquist on Tuesday, I’m pleased to report that funding will not be diverted from Fort Hood,” Representative Carter said. “As the top Republican on Military Construction Appropriations, I support the President’s mission to secure the southern border, but not at the expense of Fort Hood Soldiers or their families.

“While I’d much rather see House Democrats do their job and appropriate the funding necessary to handle this crisis, the fact is, without implementing border security measures, the United States will continue to experience overwhelming influxes of human trafficking, drug trafficking and illegal border crossings. Democrats have dug in their heels and refused to fulfill the federal government’s responsibility to keep Americans safe and provide adequate border security, so it’s beyond time to address this issue.”

“I am pleased that Fort Hood will continue their military construction projects without any delay or disruption,” U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, said.

"I support the President’s mission to secure the southern border, but not at the expense of Fort Hood soldiers or their families," he said.