Fort Hood: Soldier reunited with dog

Noonie. (Photo by Sam DeLeon/file)
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A Fort Hood soldier has been reunited with his dog, which was abandoned soon after he was deployed overseas eight months ago.

After KWTX ran a series of stories in July of 2017, a foster family was found for “Noonie,” a Bullmastiff who was brought to the Killeen Animal Shelter as a stray after being adopted from the same shelter by the soldier and his girlfriend two or three months before.

The woman was supposed to watch the dog while the soldier, Pfc. Elijah Chrismas, was deployed to Korea, but Chrismas said she left him soon after his departure in June.

Christmas said he asked her to give Noonie to someone to watch him until he got home, but the next thing he knew he heard people had found his dog and were trying to get him out of the shelter for him before he went up for adoption.

Per City of Killeen policy, Noonie was going to be put up for adoption if his owner didn’t claim him within four days, but Chrismas was overseas.

Although the soldier could not leave to claim him, KWTX teamed up with a local group called Central Texas Lost & Found Pets, which found a foster family to care for Noonie until the soldier returned home from deployment in February.

With the group’s help A Killeen woman named Vanessa, who didn’t want to give her full name to take any credit, was given a note from Chrismas to take to the shelter saying she was able to foster Noonie while he was away.

As a result of Noonie’s story, food, a collar, a bed, and future veterinarian visits were donated for his care.

Noonie and Chrismas were first reunited three weeks ago, however, for reasons which remain unclear, Chrismas did not want the reunion to be filmed.

“I’m extremely grateful for everyone that helped and I’m beyond happy to have my pup back home with me,” Chrismas told KWTX Monday.

As of a few days ago, the dog was officially back in his possession.