Fort Hood: New military hospital officially opened to patients

(photo: Jessica Thompson)
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FORT HOOD, TX (KWTX) The newly constructed Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center officially opened Sunday morning on Fort Hood's post.

The $538 million facility has many improvements, the biggest of which is more space. It's more than twice the size of the old hospital.

"The facility that we have is better than the old one. So our trauma rooms are better, more up-to-date, better monitoring equipment so I think it's a good improvement even for the general area," Lieutenant Colonel Brian Hall said.

The Emergency Department is twice as large as the former one with about 54 beds.

Col. Mark Thompson said the facility will cater to soldiers, their family members and retirees. It will also open up to any surrounding traumatic emergencies.

In addition to the increase in size, there are healing gardens spread throughout the hospital's floors and each patient's room will have a window.

"Patients have more space which is both an advantage to delivering healthcare to them but also it's been well shown that having that much space actually improves how much more quickly they get out of the hospital"

"Every patient room has a window, it has been shown that if you have a window in your hospital room you get out of the hospital faster," Thompson said.

The former 51-year-old facility will be deconstructed during the next six months and be used for future administrative office space.