Fort Hood Sgt. on Men’s Health cover puts morning crew through workout

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) 1st Sgt. Diamond Ott was chosen by Men's Health magazine for its military and tactical issue.

A representative for the magazine said he was chosen because he personifies functional fitness and the U.S. Army's effort to build stronger, faster, more durable men and women.

Speaking of stronger, faster, more durable men and women (or maybe not so much) our Taina Maya and Pete Sousa took to the mat with 1st Sgt Ott and got a taste of what it takes to workout with him.

Whether they passed the test is up for debate, but what you can’t argue is what 1st Sgt. Ott is doing for the soldiers at Fort Hood.

He’s developed a brand new type of training, to take their fitness to another level.

"I'm looking to launch a supplemental physical fitness program here at the Resiliency Campus. It'll focus more on the Soldiers that need to improve their Army Physical Fitness," Ott noted.

The magazine hits newsstands on Tuesday.