Fort Hood: TAPS program helping grieving families cope with loss

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) Military families from across the world came to Fort Hood this weekend, sharing stories and learning how to heal after the death of their loved one.

“I know none of us wanted this to be part of our life on a Saturday morning, but wow, are we grateful to have this family,” Bonnie Carroll told the crowd.

Carroll, the founder of Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), lost her husband in 1992. She started TAPS in 1994 to give grieving military families resources and help them in a time of need.

“To fill a gap and services and provide families with a home to come to. Connect, to gain resources and to heal,” Carroll said.

Sherry Jennings Kevianne lost her husband, Julian, on July 10, 2016. He was killed when a military plane carrying 15 others crashed in Mississippi.

“You don’t ever get over it. You learn to live with it. It becomes part of you. You grow around it, you become stronger. But it’s not an easy process at all,” she said.

Jennings Kevianne says coping with her grief and pain has been possible thanks to TAPS.

“The pain equals that love you have for them. You are devastated. What do you do? That’s where TAPS picks up,” she said.

TAPS has assisted more than 85,000 military families across the world. It’s a service that comes at no cost to surviving families.

For more information on the program and the resources, click on the link posted on this page.