Franklin Safari families look to rebuild after storm

FRANKLIN, Texas (KWTX) It was a bright and sunny day as business continued as usual at the Franklin Drive Thru Safari. Only a few fences and barns were damaged, and no animals escaped or were harmed during the tornado that ripped through Franklin on Saturday. However, as the animals were mostly un-affected by the storm, the humans that live on the backside of property were greatly affected

“When I woke up there was no inkling of a storm,” said Samantha Harman. “And 4 hours later, everything was gone.”

Harman and her husband Chris had their house completely ripped from the foundation. Everything was destroyed. Chris manages the safari and was out helping mend fences during the storm. Samantha was at her job in College Station, and fortunately their children were 15 minutes away in Wheelock.

“It’s all material things,” said Harman. “The only things that matters is that my family is safe. And those that I care about are safe.”

In addition to the Harman’s house, several other homes on the property sustained damage, and the barn that housed the food for the animals is now a heap of twisted metal

“I’ve got pictures from when my oldest was born to when I was in high school from here touching the other man’s property over there,” said Harman, pointing to a home several hundred yards away. “And he knew exactly who I was and was like ‘hey I got your pictures’.”

While this family's focus has always been the animals in their care, they may need to rely on the care of the people in their community for a time.

“It’s been remarkable to see people you don't even know, that don’t even know you, can just drop everything that they are going through at the time and just come and help you,” said Harman.