Free program teaches teens the ins and outs of business

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) If you think you have the next big entrepreneur living under your roof, they don't have to wait to go to college to start learning the ins and outs of business.

The ICC Teen Unlimited Success Academy currently runs on Fort Hood, but for the very first time, it’s being opened to the public.

The program teaches kids financial literacy and how to build a business from things they already like doing.

Izzy, a 7th grader has been in the program since 2017. She has created the Bizarre Cookie Company which features unique flavors like Lemon Honeysuckle. She has also opened a second business, Izzy K Signature Jewelry, a faith-based jewelry company.

“You can actually turn some of your hobbies into success,” says Izzy of the program.

“Instead of looking at something small, you can look at it as something big and make it big.”

Another student, 12th grader Keyo, says she's been drawing since she could hold a pencil.

She's created thousands of amazing pictures and wants to eventually move into graphic design and animation.

She's been in the academy since the fall and has a website up and is learning to market herself as an artist.

"My main message is acceptance. I'd like people to understand that they're not different, and it's okay to have all these emotions they may not understand,” says Keyo.

“I learned a lot about myself during this process, learning to speak my mind more. And I think that's very helpful because you have to portray your art and your emotions in what you do."

The president and founder of the program is a Navy veteran who became an entrepreneur. He started helping other veterans start businesses, but he eventually saw a need to help local kids.

“I was seeing a lot of youth getting into trouble,” says Kemo Morrow.

“I wanted to bridge a gap to get them to tap into their creativity.”

He says the after-school program will go beyond the boardroom and teach students respect and mannerisms.

“They're also going learn how to start a business from a CEO's perspective,” he adds.

The program is free for participants.

The young entrepreneurs get to keep the majority share of the money made from their businesses; the remainder goes back into the academy.

If your teen is interested, registration will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Bronco Youth Center on Fort Hood.

It's open to teens ages 13 to 19.

Bring an ID to the visitor’s center to get on base if you don't already have access.

Your student does not have to be present to get registered.

The program will also provide transportation to and from your student’s campus, even if they are off-base.

The new semester for the ICC Success Academy is slated to start in February.