Furry friends find forever homes

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Furry friends across the country found their forever homes, this Saturday with the annual Clear the Shelters event.

Animal shelters throughout the nation waived adoption costs for all pets this Saturday so families could take home cats, puppies and dogs home for free.

At the Humane Society in Waco 120 dogs and 25 cats were up for adoption and within an hour of being open 37 animals were adopted.
Danielle Tate with the Humane Society says in total 65 pets were adopted, 45 of them were dogs and 20 were cats.

Some families took home more than one pet, Stormy Nickols took two dogs home.

"I am so happy, I feel so loved to have two companions coming home with me today, Nickols said.

Tate said this was the fifth annual Clear the Shelters Day the shelter has been a part of.

At the shelter they also gave families’ free food and drinks which were donated by Magnolia Table and Health Camp.