Gatesville: Appeals court rejects appeal of area man after bond revoked

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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) The 10th Court of Appeals dismissed five cases brought to the panel by a Coryell County man because justices said they lacked jurisdiction in the matters.

Defendant Carl Ford, the court’s opinion says, sent a series of documents to the court that justices determined related to five felony cases pending against him in the 52nd District Court, none of which had yet been adjudicated.

Ford had posted an $110,000 bond and been released, but was ordered to submit to routine drug tests.

After Ford later testified positive, the district court revoked his bond on the original charge, increased the bond amount on the new charges and denied a personal bond for which Ford qualified.

“I am only asking the appeal (sic) court to (overturn) the (decision) of revoking my bond and (denying) me a personal bond,” Ford wrote in the appeal.

“From the documents filed by Ford, it appears that he has not yet been convicted of any of the five charges.

“If what Ford has submitted to this Court is a pretrial petition for writ of habeas corpus to consider whether the amount of bail set for each of the cases is unreasonably high, he has filed it in the wrong court,” the opinion reads.

“Accordingly, because we have no jurisdiction to grant any of the relief requested nor do we have jurisdiction to decide any of his complaints, these proceedings must be dismissed.”

The court went on to say Ford has rights to file a motion for rehearing with the court within 15 days after the opinions and judgments were rendered.

“Moreover, if Ford desires to have the decision of this Court reviewed by filing a petition for discretionary review, that petition must be filed with the Court of Criminal Appeals within 30 days after either the day this Court's judgments were rendered or the day the last timely motion for rehearing was overruled by this Court.”