Gatesville: Teen collects shoes to pay for service dog

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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) A Gatesville teen needs you to dig in your heart and closets for unwanted shoes that she can donate in order to pay for a much needed service dog.

(Photo by Rhyan Henson)

Emma Lasater, 13, suffers hemiplegic migraines, which can mimic the symptoms of a stroke,leaving her motionless and speechless for hours or longer.

For every 2,500 donated pairs of shoes, the organization 4 Paws for Ability takes $1,000 off of the price of Emma’s future service dog that costs $17,000.

"It means so much to me that people are caring,” Emma said.

The teen, who aspires to be an actor, doctor or veterinarian, lives in Mansfield but spends summers in Gatesville with her grandmother.
She spends the days painting rocks that carry her story and then hides them around town to raise awareness for her

The disorder leaves her with severe memory loss and seizures.

“It makes me scared to be by myself because I'm afraid that I'll hit my head or get hurt or go down and no one can find me,” Lasater said.

Her service dog can alert her and others of an oncoming seizure, can brace the teen when she collapses and even pull her wheelchair up steep ramps.

These skills are extremely useful when Emma is at school, away from her family who knows how to care for her during episodes.

Her new service dog will improve Emma’s attendance because she misses weeks each semester due to health issues.

Emma isn’t the only one benefiting from each pair of donated shoes.

“It’s not just helping me to get my service dog, they go to other countries to help people who don’t have shoes,” Emma said.

“That makes me feel really good.”

The donations are due July 31.

The painted rocks are hidden around the Gatesville and McGregor community.

For more information visit her #EmmaStrong Facebook group.

Shoe Donation Locations
Central Texas
Waco Vision Center
Gatesville Public Library
The Feed Mill
Bare Bones Barbeque

The LASIK Vision Institue
Fort Worth
JJ Dakota’s
The Eight Ball Billiard and Bar
Boyd Eye Care
Premier Yoga & Fitness
Rocky’s Stone & More Inc.
Eagle Postal Center #28, North Arlington
Cover All Bases
1080 Woodcock Rd, Suite 151 Orlando, FL 32803
Mark boxes with “4 Paws for Ability Brandy Lasater”