New Netflix series focuses on case of man convicted of local robbery

Published: Jun. 24, 2019 at 8:32 PM CDT
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George Powell III, who is serving a 28-year sentence after he was convicted of robbing a Killeen store in 2008, is maintaining his innocence.

Powell is also hoping the new Netflix series “Exhibit A,” shows the country how “junk science” was used to convict him.

In an exclusive interview with KWTX, Powell says he’s received support from across the country.

"That support has been a pillar to my survival,” he said.

A producer for “Exhibit A” told KWTX their interest in Powell’s case is because, “it clearly shows the need for careful regulation of forensic science in the courtroom, especially in regards to forensic video analysis and new forms of digital technology."

“I want it to reach into as many homes as possible and really expose how corrupted these district attorney's offices really are,” Powell said.

His attorney, Mike Ware, says the Netflix series will highlight a major problem.

"I want them to see how junk forensic science was abused by the state, by the prosecutors in this particular case to wrongfully convict an innocent man. I want people to see how that was done,” Ware said.

In 2009, Powell was convicted of an armed robbery at the 7-Eleven. His case has also received attention from the Texas Forensic Science Commission.

Powell told KWTX that he was at a car lot when police officers arrested him. The aspiring musician says he often sold CD’s. He maintains the person responsible for the robbery is much shorter than he is. Those discrepancies and a jailhouse informant saying Powell admitted to the crime -- only to later recant -- are issues highlighted by the Texas Innocence Project.

“Person that robbed this store is between heights of 5'6" and 5'8". Somebody out there know who robbed these stores and they need to come forward,” Powell said.

The case is still in legal limbo. Earlier this year, Judge John Gauntt recommended a new trial for Powell.

A final decision still in the hands of the Court of Criminal Appeals.

"Point, blank, period...were you at that 7-eleven?" KWTX’s Brandon Hamilton asked.

"Absolutely, not."

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza told KWTX an official comment can't be made while a case is still active but maintains evidence identifies Powell as the robber.

In reference to the upcoming Netflix series, he says, “I do not recall ever being approached by the individuals that prepared the Netflix special for the inclusion of relevant information, facts, or comments that might be significant in respect to this case.”

After KWTX’s story aired, the producers for ‘Exhibit A’ reached out to Mr. Hamilton to refute Garza’s claim that the filmmakers never reached out to his office for comment.

They say the reached out multiple times and provided an email response from an investigator in the District Attorney’s Office stating they could not comment because the case is pending though the appellate process.

"Exhibit A" is available on Netflix this Friday.