George W. Bush hosts Central Texas bike ride for wounded vets

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CRAWFORD, Tx. Former President George W. Bush hosted his seventh annual W100k Saturday morning at his ranch outside of Crawford.

Although it has been nearly a decade since Bush has been president, he rides every year to bring wounded veterans together for support.

He started the annual bike ride in 2011 to showcase the courage, commitment and resilience of the injured warriors.

"You hear thank you for your service and you come out here and truly see how many people haven't forgotten about us," Peter Way, a veteran said.

Way was injured in 2003 while serving in Afghanistan.

A few years later he lost a leg to an infection.

He's one of more than 52 veterans riding in this year's W100k.

Bush said veterans get a PhD. in life at a young age during war.

"The vets have served together and often times in very difficult and dangerous situations," Bush said.

But the former president's praises didn't kill his competitive spirit.

"I'm looking forward to running them into the ground one last time," Bush said.

Twenty one-year-Army veteran Michael Rodriguez said Bush is very fit.

"The boss is putting it to us but I'm keeping up," Rodriguez said.

He suffered multiple injuries during his nine tours of duty.

"I was fortunate, every time I was blown up or received a traumatic brain injury I was able to keep all of my pieces and I was able to hide it," Rodriguez said.

Although the president dusted him and other veterans on the trail, Rodriguez is thankful Bush didn't leave any wounded veterans behind in life.

"You will not find a more connected well networked group of veterans than Team 43," Rodriguez said.

More than 140 warriors have participated in Team 43 sports since 2011.