Good News Friday 9/22

Thomas Dean Griffith is expected to go home with his family later today. He was born on September 10th and has been in the hospital since. His family is praying for a speedy recovery.

Congratulations to MyTavia Samuels and Timothy Carr of La Vega High School. The two were chosen out of twelve other students to participate in the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute Scholars Program. They get four hundred dollars to participate in a ten week long reading program. They read thought provoking books about free enterprise then meet each Sunday to discuss their thoughts with a group.

Last weekend Kristin and Darla drove a truck load of donations to the special needs department of Kingwood High School. Kingwood is near Houston and lost everything in Harvey. The truck load included everything on the list of things they needed plus some Walmart gift cards. They want to thank everyone who helped make this happen!