Governor proposes plan to get rising property taxes under control

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AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) Governor Greg Abbott is trying to rein in rising property taxes across the state with a new set of proposals.

Governor Greg Abbott proposes plan to rein in property taxes

Abbott announced those details early Tuesday in Houston and spoke to us on KWTX News 10 at 5 later in the day.

He says his plan will place a 2.5 percent revenue growth cap on property tax revenue per year.

It would also require locally elected officials to vote to increase property appraisals, allowing voters to hold them accountable.

Property tax collections have increased by 195 percent across the state since 1997 and Abbott says those numbers are unacceptable.

"There are so many Texans being taxed out of their homes because of the skyrocketing property taxes. That is not right and so we want to lower those property taxes so people would be able to afford their homes," he said, "it's going to be getting more power to the voters, so voters are not going to be stuck with skyrocketing property taxes."

The governor says now a campaign will have to get going in order to gain some support for his proposed plan.

Once that happens it could be introduced and voted on during the next legislative session.