Groups tout program they say rebuilds faster after disasters

Damage in Port Aransas after Hurricane Harvey. (Photo by Army National Guard Sgt. 1st Class Malcolm McClendon)
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HOUSTON (AP) The groups behind an innovative way of rebuilding homes after a natural disaster say their approach will save money and get people into housing more quickly.

They're hoping a bill signed this week by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott related to disaster planning will boost their efforts.

The housing program known as Rapido, Spanish for fast, debuted its first such home built in Houston this week.

Under the program, a core unit made up of pre-built panels is assembled.

A family lives in this core while the rest of the house is built around them.

The Texas agency which has handled housing recovery following Hurricane Harvey in 2017 says it supports such innovations, but says rule changes would be needed to free up federal funding to support such ideas.