Hail storm leaves 400 vehicles damaged at Texas dealership

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 11:18 AM CDT
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Nearly 400 vehicles were damaged Sunday at Caldwell Country Chevrolet in Caldwell.

Wednesday the dealership's staff worked with claims adjusters to assess the damage.

General Manager, Zach Hester says all but three of the vehicles on his lot were damaged.

Some vehicles had broken glass, major dents and water damage.

"If the back glass was broken out, which I think we had 71 of those,” said Hester.

“Then two-and-a-half inches of rain afterward you have standing water in the car."

Hester says at least 40 percent of the damaged vehicles were a total loss.

"We had this same thing happen to us at our Temple location almost exactly a year ago,” said Hester.

The dealership is taking a loss.

It has to pay deductibles for each damaged vehicle and its premiums could rise.

Hester says it will take about a month to restock the inventory.

But there is some good news for car buyers in all of this.

The vehicles that can be repaired Hester says will go for a low rate.

"There are definitely a lot of people that are looking for that savings,” said Hester.

“They'll be able to look at a more expensive car then they probably could have."

The dealership should get about a hundred new vehicles in the next thirty days.