Harker Heights: Family, business to be featured on Food Network

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) For Luvina Sabree and her family, running a natural and organic business hasn’t always been easy.

Local family is back in the national spotlight thanks to the Food Network.

In 2016, her daughter made a plea for help.

“My oldest daughter contacted Food Network and told them my family was struggling with their restaurant business and wanted to know if ‘Restaurant Impossible’ could come in and help us,” Sabree said.

And they did.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine and his crew gave Sabree’s then-restaurant “So Natural” a complete makeover.

“They brought in a new refrigerator, all of the painting and flooring,” she said.

Since the 2016 airing of the show, the restaurant is gone. Sabree and her family now use the space on Edwards Drive in Harker Heights for events and are also in the catering business.

Now, the spotlight is back.

A new episode revisiting the family will air Thursday at 9 p.m. CT on the Food Network.

“Robert Irvine revisits So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Harker Heights, Texas, where he met a family of seven all working nonstop to keep things afloat in 2016. It was so important for the owners to leave the legacy of the business for their kids that they didn't notice their family was slipping away. Robert reminded them what really matters in life, and now he heads back to check on the family's priorities and the state of their personal and work lives,” a description reads.

“The children are older. The children are bigger. We do more things as a family right now," Sabree said.

She says she’s thankful for the support from across the world – especially after the first airing.

“They came from all over. Arkansas, Connecticut when they saw the show. They came to our restaurant to eat,” she said.

“I feel honored and humble,” Sabree added.