Popular local Chinese restaurant reopens

(Photo by Christopher Shadrock)
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A popular local Chinese restaurant that inspectors shuttered temporarily after finding mold, gnats and room temperature shrimp reopened Thursday morning.

The Pei Wei at 4300A West Waco Dr. was closed after a Waco McLennan County Public Health District inspector not only found mold, gnats and shrimp sitting in a sink at room temperature., but also mold inside and outside of the ice machine and gnats that were coming into contact with the food surfaces.

There was also no food manager on duty, a requirement, the health district said.

The restaurant's owners pledged to correct the issues.

"Our utmost priority is the health and safety of our guests," Pei Wei's corporate office said in a statement Monday evening.

"We fell short of our strict standards at one of our locations and we have taken immediate corrective action to fix those issues. We have sent additional management support to the restaurant to oversee the process and to ensure that we maintain our high standards every day."