Heavy rain causes flooding in parts of Limestone Co.

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) It was a much quieter night across Central Texas Saturday after severe weather wreaked havoc earlier in the day.

Folks in Mart and Groesbeck saw a heavy amount of rainfall which case flooding in the area.

The Mart Fire Department said two roads were closed down in their area, meanwhile, the fire department in Groesbeck said they had anywhere between 8 to 12 roads closed.

Groesbeck firefighters explained they had to make multiple vehicle rescues and that this was the worst flooding they've seen in about a decade.

"It was like someone opened up a water faucet. It just became a flood everywhere. You couldn't see the roads. Pastures were underneath water. Barbed wire was underneath water," said Matthew Trotter of Groesbeck.

Skinner Lenamond of Groesbeck said, "Never, I've lived here 31 years and never seen it this high before. It was unbelievable. You couldn't see from house to house hardly."

Emergency crews were reminding people to "Turn Around, Don't Drown."