Hewitt: City hires janitorial service, staffers off the hook

Hewitt police Chief Jim Devlin taking his turn at cleaning before the city hired a janitorial service. (File)
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HEWITT, Texas (KWTX) After almost a year without a janitor, City of Hewitt employees are finally off the hook for the city’s custodial services.

The city has hired Simple Solutions of Texas out of Hewitt to come in and clean city buildings three times a week.

Staffers in every department at every level had been charged with taking over the dirty duties after the former janitor was injured in an off-duty accident.

“We did our own for a while, there’s good and bad with that,” said City Manager Adam Miles.

The decision to have city employees take-on the cleaning responsibilities was a cost-saving move, but city officials were also having trouble filing the janitorial position.

“One of the difficulties was getting folks that can get the clearance to be able to clean the police department,” Miles said.

Miles said two or three people at Simple Solutions were able to receive clearance and started in mid-February.

“They knock it out before we’re open and get it done,” said Miles.

The same line item for custodial personnel in the past, Miles said having the company come in a few days a week is actually less expensive than when they had one full-time janitor because they are no longer paying for salary and benefits.

“I think it’s working out pretty well, and there’s some peace of mind knowing that stuff is actually being cleaned regularly,” Miles said.

From librarians to police officers, city employees had been cleaning toilets and taking out the trash on top of their regular jobs for months.

"If we have to cut lunch short or whatever to get the trash out, then that's what we're doing,” Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin had said.
"Somebody's got to do it."