Hewitt: City Council votes to hire a new city manager

Bellmead City Manager Bo Thomas. (KWTX photo)
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HEWITT, Texas (KWTX) Hewitt has started the process to hire Bellmead’s city manager.

The Hewitt City Council voted 5-1 to hire Everett “Bo” Thomas as city manager, subject to negotiating a contract, according to city attorney Mike Dixon.

“Whenever you start looking, sometimes you want to look first at local talent because they have less of a learning curve,” said Dixon.

“When you have somebody that’s local and already knows everyone, has a good reputation with other cities and has been dealing with them, is a very astute person in municipal government…it’s something to at least think about because it does save you a lot of ‘ramp up’ time.”

Police Chief Jim Devlin has been taking on city manager duties in an interim capacity since the council approved a separation agreement with former city manager Adam Miles a month ago.

“The reality is, getting some stability is important,” Dixon said about bringing Thomas on board.

Council members discussed hiring Thomas and made the vote following a closed-session interview with him.

“He made a good impression,” said Dixon.

Dixon said in executive session the meeting before, Thomas’ name came up; he said he approached the council about whether or not they would like to interview him and they indicated a willingness to do so.

With a population of around 15,000, Hewitt is a bigger city than Bellmead which sits around 10,500.

Miles’ departing salary with Hewitt is higher than Thomas’ current salary with Bellmead.

Dixon said he’s going to meet with the city’s finance director to start drafting a contract, however, nothing will probably happen until after the first of the year, he said.

Thomas joined the City of Bellmead in July of 2012 after spending almost a decade managing the city of Page, Ariz., according to the city’s website.