Hewitt: Post Office hosts passport fair

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HEWITT, Texas (KWTX) Travelers who need to renew or obtain their passports have a chance to handle that this weekend at the Hewitt Post Office.

On Saturday the post office will hold a Passport Fair to help citizens get their passports without needing an appointment.

The fair runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the post office at at 901 South Hewitt Dr.

To obtain a passport, applicants need a clear photocopy of American citizenship and a clear photocopy of proof of identity.

Examples of proof of citizenship include a certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state; naturalization certificate; consular report of birth abroad; certificate of citizenship; or a previous U.S. passport.

Proofs of identity include a previous U.S. passport or passport card; certificate of naturalization with identifiable photo attached; certificate of citizenship with identifiable photo attached; valid driver's license (not temporary or learner's permit); Official U.S. military or military dependent identification card; government employee identification card (federal, state, municipal, county); or a current valid foreign passport.

Note that hospital-issued birth certificates are not acceptable.

Applicants can also bring a 2" by 2" photograph of themselves or ask the Post Office Passport Office to take it for them for $15.

All applicants must appear in person, including minors, and minors under age 16 must appear with both parents; if one parent is not available, a notarized authorization from the absent parent is required.

Adult passports must be accompanied by a check or money order for $110 made payable to the U.S. State Department and a $25 execution fee made payable to the Postmaster; the fees for minors under 16 are $80 and $25 respectively.

Anyone needing to expedite the process may do so at their own expense; the cost to expedite processing at the State Department is $60 per application, to expedite delivery service to the passport processing lockbox is $23.75 per family for Priority Mail Express paid to the United States Postal Service, and to expedite delivery service is $15.89 paid per application directly to the Department of State for the delivery of an issued passport book from the Department of State to the customer.

This service is only available to mailing addresses within the United States and not valid for passport cards.

Customers can call 1-800-ASK-USPS or go to the Postal Service's Website www.usps.com to get the location of other nearby passport Post Offices and their passport customer service hours.

Passport customers may also check the U.S. State Department's web site at www.travel.state.gov to obtain additional information.