Homeowner: Burglars cut through glass door in local neighborhood

Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 10:53 PM CDT
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Surveillance video captured during a break-in at a Central Texas home shows just how easy the burglars were able to get inside.

The Frantz family has been renting their home in Killeen for three years. About three weeks ago, a scary situation unfolded inside with burglars cutting through the door and making their way inside.

Luckily, they were not home.

“They actually cut around the door and placed the door softly on the door so the alarm system wouldn’t go off,” Robert Frantz said.

Surveillance video captured the burglars every step.

“Apparently they tried to come through the front way and broke the screen. (The) front door was all steel, they didn’t get through that. So, they went around back and they used the back way and that door with the glass door and no screen, they came right through. They knew how to do it,” Frantz said.

The video, this family hopes, will help get the burglars behind bars.

Frantz says his high school class ring is gone and the burglars got ahold of their master bedroom. A sense of feeling safe they’ve had for three years in this home -- now gone.

“Fortunately we were not there that night. Normal night we would have been in bed at the time they came in. They had guns out, and if they saw us, I wonder if I would be talking to you right now,” he said.

They’re now having to front the bill of getting that glass door replaced. Frantz says their realtor company and renters insurance won’t cover.

What we would you tell other people looking at that same type of (glass) door?

“Please consider it for safety. We put in 30 day notice right after that so we can move because my wife is scared to sleep at night,” Frantz replied.

Their warning to future renters and homebuyers: check your doors.

“This helped me understand if I purchase another home to have real safe doors where in the past I rented couple hours that had glass doors and windows,” he said.

Killeen police are still investigating this case.