Waco: Humane Society says more than a dozen animals rescued after plea for help

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 11:14 AM CST
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More than a dozens animals were rescued Wednesday after the Humane Society of Central Texas pleaded for the community's help.

Seven dogs, two puppies and two cats were adopted, the shelter said.

Three owners also reclaimed a dog, a puppy and a livestock animal.

Three dogs were rescued and another six dogs were placed in foster care.

Earlier Wednesday, the shelter said it was in danger of having to euthanize 10 to 15 dogs after it received 26 dogs from a single home the previous day.

“We had a really high intake of dogs yesterday (Tuesday) at the animal shelter. Sadly, we are at risk of losing 10-15 dogs today (Wednesday)," the shelter said in a text message.

The shelter said all adult dogs already spayed or neutered are free to adopt Wednesday.

The shelter is at 2032 Circle Rd. in Waco.