Hundreds join March for Our Lives rally in Killeen

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About 200 anti-gun supporters gathered at the Killeen community center on Saturday to rally for stricter gun control

Demonstrators who took part in the rally say it's time they do something about guns to protect their children.

They took their message down W.S Young Dr. with chants calling for Congress to protect their children and not guns.

They also held signs saying enough is enough.

Protestors from different background and ages started gathering at 4:00 o'clock on Saturday

They came from all over Bell County.

Police closed down the street while they marched.

One senior from shoemaker high school says this march is about being safe in school and had a message to lawmakers.

"If you place profit over our lives, you are going to be voted out. If you do not listen to us, you are going to be Voted out. This is about empowering students, they have the ability to make a change and they're the future of this country"

Protestors say they believe the solution is stronger background checks,

raising the age limit to buy a gun to 21, and make sure whoever is

purchasing a gun is mentally stable.

At the community center, they were met with gun supporters.

Both groups kept their distance and remained respectful of each other.