Waco: Indiana school children donate to Harvey relief

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - A truck driver made his way to Waco from Indiana to deliver a truckload of donations from an elementary school that just wanted to give.

Indiana school children donate to Harvey relief

That's about a 12-hundred mile drive.

Along with the items came a folder full of letters from the school's students expressing their love for the victims.

The truck was unloaded at Bubba's 33 in Waco.

The owner, Phillip Bunn, says the school had seen the business was gathering items to donate to southeast Texas and that's when the students decided to do something.

"We had a truck delivery here in South Texas," driver Donald Habb said.

"We had a Chevrolet dealer from Indiana. And we thought we couldn't come down here with an empty truck being they need so much stuff. So the salesman's wife's sixth grade class put all of the stuff together to bring down here. "

The items will be taken to Southeast Texas later this week.