'Jerseys can be replaced, a life cannot': JJ Watt buying new jerseys for hero tailgaters

JJ Watt promised on Twitter to buy new jerseys for the man who suffered cardiac arrest outside Reliant Stadium and the two tailgaters who saved his life. (Photo: JJ Watt's Twitter account)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Houston Texas defensive end JJ Watt promised on Twitter Thursday that he is going to buy jerseys for a fan who suffered cardiac arrest and the tailgaters who helped save the man's life.

"Jerseys can be replaced, but a life cannot," said Watt, "True heroes jumping into action when they're needed most! Fresh jerseys on the way for everyone involved."

KTRK in Houston reports Texans fan Gary Reimers suffered cardiac arrest while tailgating before the Texans game last week.

A registered nurse and a paramedic were tailgating nearby when Reimers collapsed. KTRK reports nurse Leslie Bennett and paramedic Darrell Fales both jumped in to help immediately.

Their actions saved the man's life, but they regretted having to cut through his Texans jersey in order to perform CPR.

Now, Reimers, Bennett and Fales are about to receive new jerseys courtesy of the Texans' iconic defensive end.