Waco: Judge OKs delay in trial of second Twin Peaks defendant

Burton George Bergman. (Jail photo/file)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The attorney for Twin Peaks defendant Burton George Bergman and prosecutors in the case were granted a joint a motion Friday to delay the start of the second Twin Peaks trial.

Judge Matt Johnson, in 54th District Court, granted the motion and said he would re-set the case for trial within the next 180 days.

Just last week F. Clinton Broden, Bergman’s lawyer, rejected a plea deal that would have reduced Bergman’s charge to a misdemeanor, saying his client wanted his day in court.

Both Broden and Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett declined to comment on the issue.

The re-set forced a last-minute scramble in the district clerk’s office to notify prospective jurors who’d been ordered to assemble at 1 p.m. Friday to begin jury selection that they wouldn’t be needed.

Just last week, in a surprise move Broden rescinded his motion seeking District Attorney Abel Reyna’s recusal and said he would not be calling Reyna to the stand as a witness.

Broden asked the judge to recall the subpoena issued to Reyna and asked for the judge to cancel the motion to remove anyone in the D.A.'s office from trying the case.

After the hearing concluded, Broden told KWTX: “I withdrew the motion because we want to move forward with trial and we don’t want any more delays.”

The first biker to go on trial, Dallas Bandidos president Jake Carrizal, is awaiting retrial in April after his first trial ended with a hung jury in November.

The May 17, 2015 shootout between rival biker gangs left nine dead and 20 others wounded.