KWTX Foster Care Project: Reunited

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JOSHUA, Texas (KWTX) The KWTX Foster Care project is committed to finding kids in need of a home a stable place to live, with a family they can grow to call their own.

Last May, we brought you a piece about a high school freshman named Shyan.

At the time, she was living in a temporary foster home in Killeen. But that family had never planned on long-term care.

Shortly after our story aired, Shyan's aunt Lovenia, who had no idea where her niece was, saw it.

Lovenia says she burst into tears and her daughter convinced her to call Child Protective Services in Waco, to ask about adopting.

That's exactly what she did.

What happened next moved this miracle along a little faster.

Shyan's case worker, Kathryn Ford, answered the call.

Kathryn says it was "a one in a million shot" that she'd answer, because it was the first time she was on call all year.

That fateful moment enabled Lovenia to get the process going.

Two months later, Shyan was living with her aunt and cousin.

So many moving parts had to slow down to make this all possible.

Now Shyan says she is living a dream.

And she's living it at a place she can call home, with her family.