KWTX Foster Care Project kiddos find a home

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Last April, we started the KWTX Foster Care Project because we felt there was a need to give children in Central Texas, looking for a family and a place to live, a voice.

It becoming clear to us their calls for help are being heard.

Most recently, Chris and Robert, who we featured in June have been adopted.

Thanks to the adopting family, CPS and the people who view these stories on air and online, kiddos like these guys are finding homes.

The two brothers spent 850 days in foster care, being shuffled from place to place.

But now, they’ve got the home and stability they need to succeed in life; the stability so many of us take for granted.

To those of you who share these stories online, at the grocery store and other places around Central Texas, we say “Thank You”.

We look forward to continued contributions, with the help of CPS and all of you who are assisting us in changing lives.