Mexia: Kelvin Beachum holds sixth annual community day

MEXIA, Texas (KWTX) It was a busy day for New York Jets offensive lineman and Mexia native Kelvin Beachum, as he was back in his hometown for the sixth annual “Kelvin Beachum Community Day”.

The 7-year NFL veteran was on hand to donate food to nearly 4,000 families from Limestone, Freestone and McLennan counties

“It’s always special,” said Beachum. “It’s something that needs to be done. It something that I wish was done when I was a young person but we just didn’t have those type of influences during that time. So to be able to have somebody that’s still playing the game to come back and be able to give back, and just to be able to provide something fun and memorable for the young people here and also the community.”

In addition to providing food, Beachum also provided some of his football knowledge to some young players by holding a lineman skills challenge featuring exercises and drills that the pro does every day. There also was a game of flag-tag for all ages and free food from local food trucks.

“You know as an offensive lineman, there is not enough emphasis on that particular position,” said Beachum. "Especially the youngest ages. We wanted to find a way to highlight some of the offensive lineman, so we had a skills challenge.”

But today was about the food. Donating food to those in need is something that is close to Beachum’s heart as he has seen hunger affect his community.

The Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee partnered with the Central Texas Food Bank as well as HEB to help a problem that Beachum says can be very prevalent in small communities like Mexia.

“You have the Central Texas Food Bank that’s in Austin, but these rural areas down here in central Texas don’t really get those types of resources,” said Beachum. “So the Groesbecks the Fairfields, the Jewetts, Leon, you know Coolidge, Wortham, those smaller towns don't get some of the resources like being in Dallas or Houston. So being able to have something down here in the small parts of rural Texas is something that I’m proud of.”