Kempner: Council accepts resignations of all 3 city staffers

The council met Friday evening. (Photo by Brandon Hamilton)

KEMPNER, Texas (KWTX) The Kempner City Council Friday accepted the resignations of all three of the small town’s city hall employees.

City Secretary Stacy Robert, Assistant City Secretary Jami Whitehead and Municipal Court Judge Gene Isenhour quit earlier this week.

The town’s police officers remain on the job.

The resignations were apparently prompted by concerns about spending by the mayor.

"I believe the mayor's approach will quickly lead to legal issues,” Isenhour said in his resignation letter.

Residents say petitions for Harvey’s removal are circulating, along with comments from the city employees who left.

The council met in the town’s fire station as repairs continue on city hall, which was damaged almost three weeks ago when an SUV crash through the back wall.