Killeen: City says no funds in budget for homeless shelter

Published: Jul. 17, 2019 at 12:28 AM CDT
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More than a month after coming to city officials requesting funding, officials with the Friends in Crisis shelter received a decision Tuesday night.

During the city council workshop meeting, city manager Ron Olson told the council, providing funding for the shelter "doesn't fit looking at current budget."

Olson also added that supporting the homeless shelter, or "social services," was not the primary mission of the City of Killeen.

Last month, Families in Crisis board had asked the city for $10,000 a month in funding in the new budget and $60,000 to help reopen the shelter.

Just this week, the homeless was forced to leave the makeshift tent city outside the Friends in Crisis shelter after the announcement was made to reopen the shelter. Currently, the grounds are being cleaned and prepared for the Aug. 9 date.

After Tuesday's decision, Families in Crisis board VP Larry Moehnke says the shelter will still reopen next month with the hopes of possibly opening the doors even sooner.

He also reiterated their goal is to help the homeless population of Killeen.